Dogra Pumps

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Submersible pumps. Serving the industry since 50 years

Submersible Pumps

Dogra Submersible Pump has an inherently steep Head/Volume characteristic curve constantly falling and its Horse-Power curve is non over-loading

Sewage Pumps

Dogra Submersible sewage pumps are capable available with/without Float Switch and Cable Discharge outlet dia 2”, 3” & 4”.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain water harvesting is capturing rainwater and diverting the run-off from roofs into underground reservoirs.

About Dogra Pumps

Dogra Pumps manufacturers of submersible pumps serves different industries like Service water pumping, cooling tower pumps, fire fighting service, closed-circuit pumping, beautiful fountain design, mining, High rise building, Offshore Platforms, water supply from Corporation mains, many more............

Dogra Pumps is serving the industry more than 50 years. Dogra Pumps is a manufacturer and supplier of submersible pumps, sewage and dewatering pumps.

Dogra Submersible pumpsets are specially designed, with the use of latest manufacturing techniques. Years of experience, superior design and better manufacturing techniques have resulted into development of this range of pumpsets, which are efficient and reliable in operation. Strict quality assurance standards during the total process assure trouble free and reliability in operation requiring minimum maintenance.

1) Wadhwa Group
2) Unitech
3) Kukreja Builders
4) Omkar Developers
5) Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL)
6) More than 3000 Housing Societies in Mumbai


Low Capital Cost & Easy Maintenance

Easy & Rapid Installation

Quiet & Silent Operation

High Efficiency & Simplified Design